Im having some odd issues when printing with HATCHBOX PETG filament.

Im using a Flashforge Creator Pro, ReplicatorG, with Skeinforge(50) slicer.

My issue is that I am seeming to get varying results with (I think) the same settings. Settings right now are:

Infill: 25%
Layer Height: .2 mm
Num Shells: 1
Feedrate: 50 mm/s
Travel Feedrate: 90 mm/s
Nozzle temp: 240 c
Filament dia: 1.75 mm
Nozzle dia: .4 mm
Bed temp: 70 c


I seem to get a nice smooth finish on flat horizontal areas on some prints and on other is all bumpy, with holes.

I am not sure what the issue is.

Any thoughts?

P.S. I have been leveling my print bed before each print.

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What happens if you turn the temperature up to say 250C? You have to be careful not to warp the PTFE tubes in your extruders if you haven’t switched to all-metal, but 240C is on the low end of PETG. It could be you are on the borderline temp with variations in the PID loop for the temp control causing it to work better sometimes than others…

The temp will probably fix the bumpiness and maybe the holes, but if the holes persist at a higher temp, try increasing the number of shells.

Another thing i noticed is that when the nozzle is heating up, PETG filament seems to be ozzing out of it (slowly).

I wonder if this has anything to do with not enough flow, I see the printer going over the top layer of a flat surface and on some build is seems to be ok, but others its line an a part of line just didnt make it to the surface. I dont know if that is because the filament in dipping into the holes, or obstructed by the bumps, or just not enough filament is coming out of the nozzle (not enough material flow).

A correlation i forgot to mention, is that when this happen i seem to get more stringing on nozel travel over gaps. What is it that would cause stringing?

Probably need to increase retraction a bit to solve the stringing. From what I’m hearing, increasing the temperature slightly and increasing retraction may solve things, and maybe increase number of shell layers too. That’s were I’d start in trying to solve it anyway…

I have leveled my Flash Forge once. I have my feed rate set higher than 50 all the time, and I still come out with some variation in textures. my print surface is always 110, more or less, and sometimes I have gone to 130. For a thinner object, like the guitar pick, I set “infill” at 100.

Where would the retraction settings be located on the Sheinforge ReplicatorG setting dialog?

I have no idea. I can’t stand the UI for Skeinforge so have never really used it – it’s one of the most non-intuitive things I’ve seen… I usually use Cura and occasionally use Slic3r. I launch them through Repetier-Host and upload via my OctoPi (as I don’t like the ReplicatorG interface either, as it’s a bit clunky) – that way I can use the same interface and setup for all of my printers (RepRap/Marlin flavor as well as Flashforge/Makerbot flavor)…

I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. If not, try a different slicer…

Would need better pictures to attempt a diagnosis. I don’t know why others are telling you to mess with retraction. Your printer should be doing very little retraction on this print(if any) so that is most definitely not your problem.

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90mm/s is very fast for a Flashforge printing PET.

Your temperature probably needs to be higher, but you will end up replacing your PTFE liner more often. (you will start getting clogs)