Previously, when an order was marked shipped a 10 day countdown timer started for automatic payout; if a customer marked the item as delivered from their side prior to the 10 day timer expiring, I was under the distinct impression payouts typically occurred the next day after the customer action.

Now I see a message that states “Your order has been completed, we’ll release the Hub fee to your account within the next 5 days.”, is this something new? I have 4 orders that are pending payout for a few days now from my repeat customers that have marked them as delivered. The Hub Academy lists, “Once the order has been completed, the customer’s payment is automatically scheduled to be released to you on the next payout day. Orders payments are released twice a week.” (I can’t even tell what is a published change, an unannounced change, a bug, or what is normal anymore)

As far as I can remember, this has always been the case…

order is finished, then either the timeout is hit or the customer presses received, then the payout is processed within 5 days… for me the payout days are tuesdays and fridays…

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It’s always been the case

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Id like to see the 10day window shrunk to maybe something like 2days after delivery confirmation from the tracking number. Its dissapointing that you can have a order ship it the next day and use overnight shipping because they wanted it next day. But then have to wait 10days for it because they never click recieved.


I just sorted all of the “3D Hubs B.V. has sent you” e-mails, and it looks like they have only paid out twice a week and I never really noticed the pattern. I think I recently noticed the delay more as they changed me from a Monday and Thursday payout, to Monday and Friday. Also, I have been less busy with orders, as I no longer get many, that I have time to wonder, “Where is my money?”.

Thanks for the feedback all.

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