I have bought a new form2 3D printer, and printing well at every location on the platform, but when I chaged the resin to black, something wrong with the pringting process,

1. parts can’t be adhere to the middle of platform even if I have changed the Z fine tuning to -0.8mm, nothing help.

2. I changed to another resin tank which was used to print with tough resin, it’s a new tank and used for tough resin once. the print issue is still, nothing attached to the middle of platform, and also the quality is not good enough, here are some pictures for your reference, anyone can help with this?

Hi Winston,

First did you check the resin version ? Do you have both the correct resin selected in preform and on the printer ?

Do you clean the platform between each print with isopropanol ?

I’ve experienced this with a faulted resin tank. But if you changed it that’s not it i think

How about the surface of your platform. Is it clean in the middle or damaged ?



I have the same issue on a 1+, just used the scraper to scratch the area which kept dropping the model. Fixed it. Make sure to flatten the scratched after. No deep scratches, just surface.

Sandpaper grit between 180 and 260 does it.

Take a look at the mirrors and make sure they are not dirty or cloudy.

Have you contacted Form 2 support yet? I purchased a brand new Form 2 3 months ago and its already going back for an optical issue. To be honest I think the Form 2 based on all I’ve read on the forums is ridden with many issues but because Formlabs has such good marketing and has pretty much the only consumer SLA with such a polished look and semi reputation these units keep selling as if they will make perfect prototyping units when in actuality you need to be prepared to be a Formlabs engineer because you will be spending a lot of time repairing this unit. I would see if you could extend your warranty also as there are other complaints like soft aluminum screws in the carriage for the resin tank that will eventually strip. etc. Remember Formlabs also produced the Form 1 a unit that is virtually unusable by those who invested in the companies initial Kickstarter so this means they are used to dealing with very pissed off people and have methods in place which probably means no amount of it being their issue will persuade them to fix it for free after the warranty expires.

This exactly describes the behavior you get when there is resin stuck to a section of the resin tank. Make sure to follow the directions on the website to scrape the bottom of the resin tank with the metal spatula to remove anything stuck to the surface. i pull it towards me with the back of the blade so that the surface doesn’t get scratched. You’ll feel a bump if anything is stuck. You then have to very gently remove it.


+1 on this.

If it just isn’t printing in the center, you almost definitely have some failed layers stuck to the bottom of the tray in that area, blocking the laser. Before you do the scraping, what I like to do is put on a glove and just feel around the bottom. You can usually fell the layer if its there.

*edit just read your 2nd note about trying another tank so this isnt your issue*

Winson, has the problem been resolved?

Although it seems unlikely, contamination on the mirrors could cause this problem. I bet this has happened to some folks, but the glass or tray underside are more accessible to smudges. I wonder if optical power loss is discernible when printing in clear resin.

Thanks for your suggestions, I have find the way to fix it, just change the build platform, the problem has been solved

Hello,Thanks for the suggestions, it has been solved.

Yes, it has been solved. But the layer is very obvious.

Hello Nemo, thanks for your suggestions, actually when I use the same platform with white version 02, everything is okay, but when change it to black, the problem came out. nothing wrong with the platform and resin tank.

But now, the problem has been fixed.

Thanks for your help with this.

Yes, I do agree with you, formlabs form2 3D printer is a very good 3D printer, but at this moment there are some distriction for it. Maybe a few years later they will make some change to make sure all the people in the world have a good experience with them.

Bad Laser Diode was the fault in my printer.