I am looking for a 3D hub, which can also help me developing a Makerbot customizer script in Openscad. The intention is to create a parameter based customization like the example I have enclosed.


Hey Plisberg,

I might be able to help you out. Send me a message with the details of what you need.



Hi Marc,

thanks for you reply. I have enclosed a short description of the job. Take a look at it and let me hear your thoughts about it. Best regards, Per
requirements for insole model customization in Thingiverse.pdf (813 KB)

Hi Marc, Did you have the chance to study the doc I send you?



Have you played with openscad yourself? If only you (or your staff) would customize you might be better of editing a scad file yourself. I’m curious what material you print this in? Insoles from PLA or ABS would be a bit hard not?

Yes, PLA and ABS is to hard. I print with Filaflex and the like.

Hi Guys,

Im looking for someone willing to assist with a design.

I know there is people selling this but not where im from + the cost :frowning:

I have a 3d printer so only need the design or even better if its customized so one can print different sizes.

As you can see its for good cause but i am willing to pay for the design.

Let me know, thanks.