Hey, I recently installed everything on my pc freshly. I have some weird issues with my anycubic Kossel now. I print with primavalue Pla at 210C and 60 Heatbed, retraction is at 4.5mm and 60mm/s. The test files from matterhackers with the 4 cubes print flawlessly. I just have the problem that my nozzle keeps oozing in the infill during travel, which didn’t happen before. Anyone any suggestions?

What slicer are you using?? Also does it really matter if it oozes in the infill? BTW I print PLA at 195 degrees and with a heat bed of 50 degrees so you could lower temps a bit perhaps.

Im using the newest version of cura. I dont want my nozzle to ooze, because it got caught on the print a few times. When i turn combing off, i get huge print times because of the long travels. 210°C gives me the best results with the plastic, otherwise i would tourn it down.

I just started a new print and now it looks good, i didnt change anything. Maybe its just how cura works … D: