Hey Guys!

I am searching for an online 3D-Editor (or Viewer), that can do the following:

  • Turn Layers on/off
  • Export as STL (visible Layers)
  • Embed the 3D-File on a Website and being able to turn on and off different layers without changing the model
    . From the Embed (or view-link) directly download STL file with visible Layers without being registered or logged in.
  • if its open source even better, or has a trial version

The idea is:

We want to make a 3D printable Map of Europe with different Layers (Historical Borders, etc), and everyone in the internet should be able to download the specific Layers he wants to print directly as STL File.

Has anybody ever heard of something like this?

I found https://www.vectary.com/, which has in terms of layer editing etc. everything we need, but you have to pay premium membership monthly to download STL and there is no embed-function.