Do you have problems with curling and lifting, are you using different build plate preparations for different materials and do you feel like you have tried or tested almost everything in order to get good results?

This was our dilemma. We at Cinter often print large objects/prototypes that take up most of our build plate, controlling temperature and trying many suggested solutions in order to fix our reoccurring issues was commonplace.

…That was until we came across a blog post by Richard Horne on 3D-EEZ. With all other options already explored we gave it a try. The results we found were staggering, our issues had disappeared, assembling and joining 3D printed parts now too became a whole lot easier. We have tested it on Nylon, ABS, PLA, PET and Co-polyester with great results.

We felt something that had achieved us such fantastic results needed to be more easily available to our community. At this point we decided to embark as UK and EU distributors of 3D-EEZ, partnering with @Tony_Gaston founder and master brain behind the solution.

Should you want to try it out or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

For some lucky community members we are launching some Limited Edition applicator brushes *watch this |-----| space*.

If you want us to put you in touch with any other impartial users we would be very willing.

0.5 L retails at £30 / €42 / $30 (Good for up to 100 builds and ships with foam applicator brush),

Samples 0.1 L retail at £10 / €14 / $10 (Ships with foam applicator brush) from

Kindest regards,

The London Mayor’s office aka Cinter


Looks pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing this with us, Charlotte, very informative! What do you think @derKarsten? :wink:

@ think this needs some social love!

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@gabriela3d if there is anymore content I can provide I’d be very willing :slight_smile:

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this stuff is the best i always use it now its well worth a try GET IT ASAP

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Nice, thanks for sharing this, @MADEJUST4ULTD!

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