Hi @bennison93,

I have access to a industrial FDM printer with a build volume of 45x45x64cm.

It should be able to print your object. You can send me the file through my hub:

3dhubs.com/service/mcgill. Located in Canada.

I can help you with this! My hub name is 3Dimensions Dhruv Agarwal print.3dimensions@gmail.com

We can print that in multiple materials and colors including nylon, n-vent, PLA, NinjaFlex and more. Contact us at


Starting at $3.00


Our hub is LeeSaund Printing and is located in Calgary, Alberta. Depending on your location we can definitely help you with this. You can also contact us through our email: leesaundprinting@gmail.com.


Mark Saunderson

If you have a design or STL and could tell me more about the use, i would be glad to help you out



Hello, Like MattG said most can handle that size. If you are in prototype stage I would recommend looking on 3D Hubs for a local source. This way you can work more closely with them to get exactly what you need.


Message me. I’d be very interested in it. Do you need a design too?

I have several machines that can handle upt0 200mm currently.

Should be able to do this, using an Ultimaker 3 which gives particularly good results should any scaffolding be needed. Check me out as 3D Kernow

Right to the edge on a makerbot 6x9

but yes I can print it. PLA if prototype

ABS if working prototype (h2o safe).


no problem for me.

for marine use no problem…Also


Yes but it would need an additional epoxy coat to make it waterproof

Hello Roger, we’ve done several projects for deep sea applications in our Graphite-SLS material. That build size is ok. Kevin


I need to see your project. -I can print 200 x200 mm.

Mora 3D Printing’s Hub Dashboard

Located in UK. Drop me a line if you are as well.


Sure i could do that with the ultimaker 3. Where are you located?


I can handle up to 306x278x306mm.

I’ve got a Fusion3 F306 commercial grade printer.


ok ya im in ontario little bit of a distance eh

Hi Roger,

I could help you with this: my printer volume exceeds 150mm, I can create the model and alterations using PLA or ABS, and have the finished product delivered to you or destination of your choosing.

Thank you for your consideration