I need to pro type a case for marine use, would any one with a 3D printer able to handle 150mm dia cup shape get in touch. rbennison.

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I can, in Spain. Where should it be shipped?


Size would not be an issue, we offer fast service, high levels of accuracy and a large range of materials. We have worked with the marine industry and motor industry.

Where are you based?

Hi I have different printer size the biggest one can print a diameter of 200mm with a height of 400mm

Happy to help you, what region are you in? I am in greater London and offer CAD and printing services

Hi Roger,

Where are you based? We have a printer that can do up to 750mm x 750mm x 500mm in Sheffield, U.K. if that helps?

Kind regards


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I think most printers will handle this size. If you upload your model for a quote, I believe it automatically filters printers that can accommodate your model size.


If you’d like, my printers can print that in PLA.

Where are you located?

RichardsHub in Charlotte

my print bed is 10" x 18" so yes I can handle it.


I can print that big

Yes almost all printers should be able to print that

My bed can handle 150mm Dia. what is the overall height? What material do you want to use?

More details?!

What are the overall dimensions and wall thickness? Does it need to be waterproof or is this simply to prototype? My machine will handle that diameter typically.


do you have a file to be printed or do you need designing and modeling too?

If first, maybe we can work together.



sure. send details/picture/sketch to info@produced3d.com

I do 3d modeling in Fusion 360 and CNC/3D printing

Take a look at our hub, We have machines that can print a multitude of materials and quite large objects. We pave printed UAV parts, satellite systems, consumer parts and objects… let me know if you have any other related questions…


Sorry the materiel i’m using will not be enoughstrong for your application

Hit me up via my website: www.rockstaralchemist.com

I can probably help you.

I can print that. What is your location?