Hello friends,

I have a Geeetech prusa i3 pro B printer and I just succeeded in printing some things but I have some issues and I need your help so I can figure out what settings I have to change.

I’m using ABS 1.75mm and I have 235C for the first layer and 225C for the rest.

My heatbed is at 115C and 105C.

I tried to print a 10mm cube so I can calibrate my extruder’s motor but as a result I got that:

1) the walls aren’t very solid you can see the layers and
2) somehow in the middle of the proccess it got messed up.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance,


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This might help you :slight_smile:

But personally I think you should take a multimeter and measure the voltage on all the motor drivers, and adjust them to about 1.3V if i remember correctly, when I did it, it was by eye, i kept adjusting it until all the motors moved as i wanted them to, that I was doing during a test print. To measure the voltage you have to measure between the potentiometer and one of the pins, see the photo i attached. It is also a good idea to use a non-conductive screwdriver, like the ceramic one (I got one in the kit) so you don’t short something out or just be careful :wink:


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