Dear Community,

Now that SINTRATEC is delivering its 2014 Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, we have for real a new Selective Laser Sintering opportunity with the SINTRATEC KIT Printer.

I have just started to operate my first machine. So far I am amazed - as expected - with the quality of the parts coming out. Truly stuning Swiss made quality.

Maybe there are also one or the other Hub using alternatives to the EOS & Co. ?

I open this thread to gather feedback on the new SLS opportunities out there. Please share your experience.


Laurent from FREEFORMA


Hi Laurent,

that sounds optimistic. Can we get some further details? Buildingspace, Solution, Materials ect.


Hope this turns out to be a really nice surprise! Great to have you here :wink:

It does look outstanding! Can you share more details on how easy it is to operate it and deliver a print? I’ve been watching them since their Indiegogo campaign and would love to see people share more of the actual prints. Cheers from Melbourne