“Work hard and prosper” ;p

I’ll give you the opportunity to prove that to me next week :slight_smile:

First of all, this is just great!

Keep up the good work 3DHubs!

I can’t seem to find the BuildTak perk on the Perks tab of my dashboard. Any news on that?


Buildtak for now is only limited Ultimaker 2 owners (beta). I forgot to add and will edit the post right now. Hope that clarifies

You’re right @Bernard. I’ve only given it nearly 2 years!

Not sure if this has been addressed in the past 5 months since this announcement, but I also use BuildTak, but don’t have an Ultimaker, nor do I live in the UK. I’d absolutely love a discount, as I seem to go through sheets of the stuff a bit quicker than I should. I have a Lulzbot Taz 5 (300mm x 300mm bed) and live in the United States. Please extend this discount to other printers!

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