Hey Hubs!

Last week, we rolled out some updates to the Hub Dashboard in order to improve your experience. Here’s what changed:

Navigation is now horizontal and links to your orders without having to leave the dashboard. From here you can edit your Hub settings and profile, all while switching between your dashboard, orders, and perks quickly and easily.

We’ve also added a Changelog where you can find new feature announcements and keep track of what’s changed. A notification badge will show you when and how many changes have been made so you can learn about new features and not miss out.

Revamped Onboarding helps you keep track of your Hub verification and profile completion. You can find this checklist of steps to complete under your Hub Settings and then Verification in the menu on the left. Having this in an easy-to-read checklist helps you see which steps are done and which ones are outstanding. Completed steps will be struck-through along with a green, ticked box.

Lastly, N****otifications are now more visually distinct in blue. This means they’ll stand out even more in your dashboard so you won’t miss those important tips for optimizing your Hub.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments :slight_smile:

Happy printing!



It’s way better esp on mobile. I think what could make it better is if hub views was split up into search results and profile views, and maybe even a “views per week” added. But those would be perks more than anything, I think this redesign is overall a great step forward.


Great to hear @3DFlying! The suggestions are also always welcome :slight_smile:

Can we have the average position in search results data back?

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@Nprint, the avg. hub rank was determined to be an inaccurate metric that didn’t work well for everyone. We’re preparing a big update with a lot of new data for Hubs that will improve ranking across the board.

Great to hear!


Maybe this is the wrong thread?

how can it be i have an avarage order accept time of 10min but an avarage answer time of 18min ???

by the way it should be made possible to delete some orders from this measument. If you just have one midnight order, for which you natrually took a few hours to answer to, it will takes you so many orders to recover your avarage to a normal level again.

Anyone else has this problem?