I am brand new to 3D printing and now fairly new to the Tronxy X5S that I researched and bought recently. I am really enjoying the process of 3D printing, and this printer. I have been trying to produce good quality and timely prints so that I can dial this thing in as close to perfect as you can expect from an inexpensive printer. As I said, I am brand new to 3D printing, but his printer FAR exceeds any expectations that I had going into this. BUUUTTTT, I’m having an issue with the speed. I’ve been reading forums, and reviews, and just about any information I can find on printer setups and what works best for others, and have found that for PLA, around 200 C, and a print speed of 60 mm/s seems to be the norm, and I can get good prints at those basic settings IF the printer doesn’t “jump”. I don’t know the actual term, but my printer will get so far into a print, (i.e. the Benchy), and then this awful tire screeching sound happens, and the hot end will be offset from the print and make a step, if that’s what you call it. The only thing that I have found to stop this is to slice the model at regular settings and then manually turn the print speed down to 50% after the print starts from the micro SD. At first I thought that the belts weren’t tight enough, so i re-tightened them. ( i haven’t modded this printer with anything yet). Kept happening. So then I looked closer at the settings in CURA, everything is set to what I see is the norms on the internet. To me it seems like the processors can’t handle the information speed and try to get the axis motors to do too many things at once. It doesn’t jump very far, usually just enough to irritate. I understand that this is a pretty vague description and if there’s any more information that I can give you to help you help me please let me know. This printer would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for this stupid jumping thing. Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.

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Can you move the head freely by hand without the power?

If so, you might to adjust the driver current to step skipping motor.

I can move the head freely in all directions without power. I can move the feed motor also if I pull on the material. I’m sure that’s not good for it but when I get the random clogs and build ups it’s necessary. How do you adjust the driver current?

Side note: I haven’t been able to actually connect the printer to my computer. I was able to get the slicer program that came with the printer ( I can’t think of the name of it now) to say that it was connected, although I wasn’t able to control the printer through the computer. Cura won’t recognize it at all. Not sure if if it’s me or the printer as far as that goes

First try with another SD card. If it still happens it’s probably because of a bad/loose wire, this happens a lot in low cost printers.

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make sure the bar that the hotend travels on is mounted equal distance away from the 2 bars that are part of the frame. When I first put together my x5s I had the same screeching problem as you and noticed one of the bars on my frame was getting scratched up. since this was like 30 days ago idk if you fixed the problem or not but adjust this bar so it is centered between the 2 frame extrusions. there should be 4 screws that hold it in place

another thing about my printer is I had to take off the z screw stabilizers because they were not allowing the bed to move up and down freely and my print quality is still very good without them.

also I had to take apart my hotend because the heat throat wasn’t screwed in all the way and it was oozing plastic from the top of my heat block. if you need to do this. dont remove the 4 screws in front that hold the fan in place because thats all they do and its a pain to get them back on with the washers in place. remove the screws at either side after removing the print cooling fan and endstop switch