Hey everyone. First time poster here.

I have three pieces that form the body of a prototype I am working on. I have the original STL file for the entire thing, but I’ve realized it’s going to be easier to print this in three pieces and then assemble it (faster, way less filament being wasted and I can use SLA on the top). I’ve sliced them into three pieces but need them so I can assemble them easier… more easy than gluing them together…

…so was hoping someone would have a good idea on how to make it easier for me to snap them in place, or at least, afix them so they are stationary providing the glue a better chance of bonding.

Figured someone on here does this for a living and can do it quickly, without it costing too much.

The attached image are the three pieces. Biggest piece is the outer shell, medium piece goes inside, and the small part is the top, but I have it flipped so the top is underneath so you can see what’s there. I can send STL files to anyone that thinks they are capable and we can go from there!


If you haven’t found someone to do this for you yet, I would be happy to do it for you. If you send me the files either by an enquiry on my hub or email them to svensson3d@gmail.com I will have a look at them. It shouldn’t take many minutes to make a solution for them.

Best regards

oscar Svensson

How do you want to assemble them?

Have you thought about printing everything fully assembled?

Check this out http://www.thedesignengineer.com.au/3d-printing-assemblies/

Alexander Euripidou
Design Engineer