I need your help in finding where can I get a clear resin that works with Formlabs 2 printer, to print orthodontic appliances(clear aligners and retainers) directly. I don’t want a resin to print models then forming appliances with vacuum machine over this model…

this resin need to be clear, rigid enough and compatible with formlabs printer


Hi, I’m DWS Systems distributor.

DWS has such material: DS3000. It’s biocomatible (Class 1 certified) and transparent.

It’s main application are surgical guides.

I have no idea how to print it on Formlabs machine, but I suppose it can be done. :slight_smile:

You can order it in 2x165g sets, or per kg.

Please contact me if you need any further information.

Helllo, Thanks for your reply,

I know about DWS printers , but I don’t know if your resin will work on Form2 printer or not.

What I know is it’s SLA type with 405 nm wave length

If you can make sure of the compatibilty of resin with printer,please let me know

DWS is using 405nm laser in it’s machines. It should be compatible. I don’t know settings for Form2 though.