I was given an “Anet A8” 3D Printer as a gift from my friends mom. With me having absolutely no knowledge about 3D printers or how to assemble them I ended up mixing up some parts and now can’t figure out what piece i am missing for the “Y axis belt bearing support”! Im trying to figure what piece I need to hold it together and whether I have it or not. I have both the bearings and the acrylic pieces but am not sure what to slide through the center.

Hi, you need 3 blots and nuts.
In the front of the base are 4 squre holes en 2 small round holes in the middle of them.
Place the parts with the top up in the sqaure holes and fix them with the 2 bolts and nuts.
After that take the last bold and put it thrue the top with the bearings between with the high side on the outside and don’t forget to put the belt between, bold on it and you’re finished.

Umm I really appreciate you trying to help but that will not work. The only bolts I was given are one size which are not even long enough to be able to secure in place.

Also the manual says to use screws not bolts. I did try using the M3*30 screws along with the M3 nuts and the screws were long enough but im not sure if its the right thing to use still. I really wanna build this thing and not have it fall apart so I’m just kinda stuck right now trying to figure out what to do.

The previous users were correct mate.
It is bolts that you use. The same as for the rest of the printer.
I dont know where or what manual you are talking about, but understand it is interpreted (poorly) from chinese (where the Anets are made) to english. I generally call this chinglish. I have many manuals and instructions showing the poor level of interpretation fails to back this up.

In regards to solving your problem.
A: listen to people who are trying to help and dont instantly count what they are saying is wrong.
B: A little bit of research goes a long way.
C: Click on this link … https://youtu.be/-tiHfzBQZpI
D: scroll across to the 11:20 mark and it will clearly show you the bolts required and how to assemble it correctly. I would strongly, very very strongly, suggest you watch this and the second video on how to assemble this machine.
E: Watch the videos again!

By watching the videos, you will get a better understanding how to apply the upgrades you are going to print etc and probably eliminate any future build questions you may have.

Im not trying to be harsh or too hard on you. But it bugs me when people are given an answer and the questioner fires straight back saying your wrong!

If you have young children, or have been around them, they are very very smart. They always ask why first.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress.


Thanks for the support

Thank you so much! I’m also very sorry if it seemed like I was trying to look at every little thing he did wrong I legitimately thought it was screws because every video I have tried to watch put it together says its screws. I must be really terrible at researching cus I couldn’t find anything to help. Thank you again for the help and I will try not to be so condescending next time. Also apologies to Aad_Koene who was right the whole time but I was just to stupid to realize it I’m very sorry if I offended you and thanks for having the patience to at least still try and help me.

That’s oke,

the first thing to do is realy reed carefully.
Quick Reading leads to Quick Misunderstandings.

Good Luck with the bulding and Tweaking of your Anet printer.

Ohh and by the way: the left bearing on your photo needs to be with the high end on the left … :wink:


Its all good.
Please keep us up to date with how it goes.
Will be good to see another happy anet user.


Im really grateful for the help but Im still lost. By any chance is the bolt for the bearing special made and is only for that part? I know how to connect the y axis belt support to the bigger piece but I don’t know how I’m supposed to put the bolt through the belt support then attach it with a nut so it doesn’t fall apart so I’m sure that I’m either doing it completely wrong or I’m missing the piece I need. This is every single screw nut and bolt that I have. The one in the center has the smaller bolts and the one in the bottom left has some really long bolts that I’m pretty sure go to the fan because I found it in the bag with the fan. There are no other bolts that I can find and I have completely searched everything hoping that maybe I missed the piece I need somehow.

The y axis belt support when I first got it came in a bag fully put together but the second I took it out the middle piece slid out but I figured it was no big deal and was sure I put it back when I had to stop for the day. I was doing so well putting this damn thing together right up to this point where I can’t figure out how to put one of the most simple pieces together. Sorry if this is irritating to everyone reading this but I can assure you I’m much more irritated after two days of being stuck on one tiny piece only this far into putting it together. Please let me know if I am being the most stupid person ever and the answer is simple and right in front of me and I have completely over looked it.

Anet uses a M3 x 30 with a standard nut


Ok thank you for all the help and sorry for wasting everyone’s time. I get it now.

Oh c’mon.
What happened?
The suspense is killing me?


Oh sorry for the lack of updates I have been working on it when I can. I have got this so far.

Not too far in but better than where I was at.