I’ve been all over the internet looking for a printer with a print bed larger than 210 x 200 x 200 ish… i’m looking for as big of a print area as I can get for the price. my budget is pretty pathetic at around $500 ( preferably less)…I see a lot of prusa, and geeetech, but none are quite big enough… any ideas? maybe like a GMAX but a couple thousand dollars cheaper? and yes… i’m new .

I think for the size of bed you are looking at I can’t think of anything less than 500 off the top of besides the Prusa that is close. Your next option in my opinion is see if you can find a used Robo R1+ that has one of the larger print beds for a less amount of money.

Remember you get what you pay for, so if you do find a printer out there for 300 with a large bed it will lack in performance and most likely needs lots of tinkering and patients.

Take a reprap printer and elongate it… Just some aluminium profiles and belts needed and a large glass build plate.

Easier: learn to cut-up your models and mount them together.

I was thinking of something like that… I’ll look into it. also… if I buy a printer with a single extruder… can a dual be put on? like a reprap or geeetech?

Ok … how about under 1000? I’m seeing a mega prusa… but the frame looks like just studding…I got mechanical inclination coming out the wazoo…but that just looks like a pain in the butt.

There will be a post about big home 3D-Printers up in a couple of days on 3Dprinterchat.com

If you can spare the money, the Rostock Max V2 is the best value in terms of build volume. $1000 gets you 11" diameter and 15" in height.