I think the title says it all. Anyone local in NY that offers this service?

I am not in NY, but just as a note that after you scan an object it will not directly become a part file in solidworks. A drafter will have to go back in and draft up the file in relation to the 3d scan. Unless all you need is a scan file (.stl, etc.) than anyone with a scanner should be able to quickly and easily help you out in your area.

What does a scanner typically output as that a designer can use as a starting point?

We’ve been using solidworks in combination with a plugin called XTract3D, to build clean models from 3D scan data. Works great, and is what we were missing to get it done in Solidworks alone.

Here’s their site:


Learned how to do it, and how far you can go with it from a free training video they have on their site. It’s an in depth video, but it teaches a lot, worth it IMHO.