Hi team!

I’m very new to the 3D printing world and need some help choosing the right equipment for my needs. At the moment I’m looking at printing miniatures at 30mm scale for tabletop RPG use (D&D mostly), and terrian for the same scale.

Being brand new to the scene, I don’t want to go spending massive amounts of cash of a state of the art machine that I barely know anything about. I’m working off a budget of around $300, I’m reasonably mechanically minded so I’m not afraid of a kit, and I’d obviously need software to suit my needs - can anybody point me in the right direction?



A smaller printer that will be a solid work horse is the QIDI X-one2. It is standard with a 0.4mm nozzle and you’d want to get used to it but will probably want to go to a smaller nozzle after some time for better detail if your pieces are going to be pretty small.

It is a very capable and straight forward printer.

Thanks! That’s a great help.

What should I be looking for? A smaller nozzle for details, etc?

You may eventually want a smaller nozzle BUT, I would not make changes until you have a fair amount of experience with a machine and a slicer so when/if you do make a change you know how to deal with the new set of circumstances that the change will bring.

I changed one of my X-one’s to a 0.2mm nozzle and it had its challenges.

Start out using PLA and stay with mostly default settings to learn what changing a setting does.