Hello All,

I have gone through the manual and scoured the internet on changing the extruder temp besides the preset ABS or PLA.
I have seen multiple places including the Monoprice site the extruder max temp, though nowhere on how to adjust.
I’m trying to run some PETG & I see running around 260c should be perfect, which is max temp.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated!


I generally (always) set the extruder temperature in my slicing software. I use Simplify3D, but every slicer out there has a temperature setting.

If you’re talking about changing the extruder temps for the purposes of preheating / loading filament - there’s no need. The ABS setting will work fine for getting your PETG loaded, then just indicate the temps you want to print at in your slicer & generate your .gcode. Should be good to go!