Hi. I am new to this and a bit older (I’m guessing) than most of you. Forgive me if I am slow to pick up what you’re saying. I am really enjoying my printer and thrilled with the PLA prints. I would like to upgrade things like the cooling fan and (most importantly) the hot end. I would like to convert to an all-metal hot end so I can print nylon and whatnot easier. I know my machine is a Wanhao Duplicator 6 re-badge. I am seeing a lot of parts out there for that machine. Specifically a MK 10 all-metal hot end with a slotted cooling surface. How do I know if this will fit my unit? I cannot seem to find a distinct/clear answer anywhere. Please advise and thank you in advance. If you have any other suggestions for upgrades, I would like to hear them.

Hi Jason, Don’t think you are older than most. A lot of us older guys have printers, so welcome to the crowd. One all metal hot end that seems popular and is a direct fit for the MP is the Micro Swiss hot end. Price is $50 and you can get reviews on YouTube from guys like the 3D Printing Nerd. I have this one but haven’t installed yet. Everyone that has it seems to like it. I don’t know about the MK10 so I cannot comment on that one.

I actually redesigned the extruder and extruder gear so i could do ninja flex… so moved away from the mk10 extruder gear… i still have original mp hotend.

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Look for a user group on Facebook. I belong to one for the Monoprice Mini, and the advice and information posted has been invaluable. You should be able to put an E3D (or clone) on your printer without too much trouble.

Thank you. I will check into this right now,

See, that is where I get confused. The literature says my printer has a Mk 11 extruder so I am left wondering if this Micro Swiss Mk 10 all metal hotend will work. I have tried emailing Monoprice but that hasn’t been successful. There appear to be multiple Mk 10 kits and each mention Wanhao and Monoprice so I am more than a bit lost. I would also like to upgrade my extruder but that still leaves me trying to figure out what parts fit and which don’t.

Thanks for the reply and the support. If you can link which hot end you’re talking about, that would be awesome. I am finding at least two different ones. One appears basically cylindrical with the nozzle at the bottom while the other has a slotted flat piece with the nozzle at one end. I am about a half-step from saying “thingy” and “do-hickey”.

Sorry for the delay. This the one you want. Same price here Micro Swiss https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01E1HANLS/ref=sxts_bia_sr1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493474017&sr=1&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=2973120562&pd_rd_wg=JHAuQ&pf_rd_r=MX6VS40HYF5QYX3G9EHY&pf_rd_s=mobile-sx-top-slot&pf_rd_t=9701&pd_rd_i=B01E1HANLS&pd_rd_w=VWFyN&pf_rd_i=micro+swiss+all+metal+hotend&pd_rd_r=WGVP23X3C4TFYFHK9720&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65

No problem. Thanks for the reply. I will look into the link. I bought an acrylic enclosure and attempted to print Taulman 645 nylon last night. The results were catastrophic. I tried painter’s tape three different ways. I tried a single layer vertical (which failed). I tried a single layer horizontal (which failed). I tried a vertical layer with an overlapping diagonal layer (which also failed). In each case I also used a glue stick over the tape. With each print attempt, the printer head pulled the tape off. I know my bed is properly leveled because my PLA prints are terrific. Without the tape, the machine lays down a perfect raft but when it tries to build a structure, it all goes to hell. Tonight I’m going to open up my extruder and hotend and see if things need cleaned or my Bowden needs replacing. I’m going to look at the link you offered as well as an extruder upgrade. I’m also going to make a list of Cura settings for this nylon because multiple sources on the net all differ. I’ve tried them all and have had no success.

I checked the link. It’s for a different printer than what I have. I have the MONOPRICE MAKER ULTIMATE. Check the link. It’s a Wanhao Duplicator 6 (basically). That hotend you linked is for a different printer. https://www.monoprice.com/mobile/product/details/15710?gclid=CjwKEAjw85DIBRCy2aT0hPmS1jkSJAC1m9UvX6EsRUEUTGg0zJzCT9Z7pfEq_4kKn7KT1KtDknhqsRoC5HXw_wcB

Oops, don’t know why I missed that. This is what you want. https://store.micro-swiss.com/products/all-metal-hotend-with-slotted-cooling-block-for-duplicator-6

Thank you. I ordered it.

I have complited on my blog a lot of tips and improvements for our printer Monoprice Maker Ultimate (MMU) 151710 and Wanhao Duplicator 6 (D6). This list is not exhaustive.
I hope this will help newbees. Feel free to comment, share, and complete !

Could you say more about your design. I would like to print flexible filaments.