When I turn the machine on I hear the power fan and there is a green light on the power supply but nothing comes up on the control panel and none of the stepper motors make any noise. I don’t mind troubleshooting this myself but where can I get info on what the voltages should be, how the wiores should be connected etc… -TIA

Sounds like the controller board isn’t functioning. You should go to the Monoprice Mini Facebook page. They have a ton of in-depth information about wiring, etc.

What I’ve discovered is that the middle V++ output on the power supply is only putting out .5 v not 5 v which I would assume it should be. The other two outputs are putting out 12v which seems reasonable.

Here’s an update. All three DC outputs are supposed to be 12 v. I moved the wire that was powering the board to the free terminal that was still putting out 12 v and the system powered up. the LCD is not displaying anything but I was able to get it leveled and successfully printed via USB.