Wow, another impressive print! You’re on a roll, Ronny :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!

Sweet as always :slight_smile:

Is that Marvin the smallest thing you’ve printed or you’ve tried something else as well?

marvin king 1,82mm

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Do you offer printing services with the DWS printer?


Are you interested in printing anything in particular, @nikosb? Anyway, @Mathijs_2 is surely the guy for it :slight_smile:


Yes I am interested in printing parts. This part was printed with the DWS 028 machine but I could not find the machine on ronny’s webpage, only on the DWS 008.

No mine and 'a DWS 029 print area x115y115xz200 only with z 200

excuse I saw now the message I had come automatically! anyway Yes!


I found this while searching online for a micro sailing ship for a miniature project. This is exactly what I’m looking for… do you have any for sale?