I am looking for someone to print a metal ring (jewelry) in accuracy of similar to “Stratasys Eden260v” - which I think is around 16-25micron if I am not mistaken.

I’ve attached a picture to show relative detail I want in the metal print. Which may or may not be possible so that’s why I’m posting this thread on the talk section!

Thank you kindly!

Hey @sprinkleCat

Maybe it’s a good idea for you to print it in Castable wax and Cast the ring. Maybe this Hub can help you with that :

Otherwise you can upload the model and sort out the metal Hubs to ask about it too :wink:

Hello @Heathzx,

I can very much help you reach your jewelry goals. I am doing a project right now that we compared against the Objet 260 and ours come out far far better. What metal are you looking for?