Made it in resin by Dws 28j HD

  • Layer height: 0.02
  • Printing time: 60 min


wow. Just out of curiosity- what’s the layer height for something as small as this?
And how long does it take to print it?

Mic drop…


for this piece I used a layer of 0.02 mm, but I can go down to 0.01 mm
the time is 60 minutes


WOW - awesome print validates why I also purchased a DWS myself - alas mine does not have the amazing HR laser with spot size of 17micron like yours…(I have the 020X)

Which resin did you use for this print DL260?, ABS02?



I am happy with the car.
It works well and is easy to use
then with the new gaming Nauta is even more simple.
I use the DL260 the DC700 and the Irix white or black depending on what I need to print.

nice to meet you


Wow! It took you 60 minutes to print this small thing?

Thanks - Fully agree the DWS printers are really easy (and forgiving) to use.

Although I wish Nauta was a little more stable - far to many crashes with complex models and between this and Fictor too many basic features missing (no print time estimate, no cost estimate, no auto placement on build platform… tech support stated these are in next release - but no date…)

I have heard a lot of great things about the DL260 resin and I am waiting on my first delivery of this resin. Currently I have no need of the DC or IRIX resin, but suspect I will in the near future.



it’s normal for printer in high resolution …

100 layers/hour for 1 object or 100 object


Very small ship!

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Is this the smallest Marvin yet? :slight_smile:

Awesome in any case!

nice boat !!!

Dws ! great machine

Love the boat too, great details! How long did it take to print?

7 hours

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There’s a new micro Marvin in town! Will you accept the challenge? :wink:

How do you get the spot size information for the different DWS machines? I have looked on the DWS website and other websites but I could not find any information on the laser spot size. Only in this website I found that the DWS machines with Solid State Blue Edge 1500C and 1800C have a spot size of 50 microns.



I know someone who purchased the 29+ and he informed me that the spot size was 17microns vs my 50microns

Thanks, so I guess any machine with BlueEdge HR would have a spot size of 17microns.

I would make that assumption, but worth checking with DWS direct…

Hi! Nikos,

Also have 10 microns(HR) and 20 microns for jewelry…