Just to keep it short and sweet…I want us as a community to design and build some of the most bad ass, low costing, and easily 3d printed and assembled…to make medical things thay help kids, adults, the disabled ,ect.

I’m talking prostetics, assisting devices, ect. Anything you can think of thay will actually help someone with which ever topic you choose…submit it so we as a TEAM can make a plan to go to some people and places…and just give it to them.

It’s a task simply to help others with no profit. Literally any age…any subject…any product. Don’t let your mind hold you back, don’t let your creativity hold you back, don’t let finances hold you back. We are all here to help…can’t afford. …hit me up and I’ll see what I can do…or direct.you to someone similar and closer.

What do ya say guys and gals? Let’s help people live their lives!


Love the idea and the community spirit. But just to play the devil’s advocate: how is this different from already established organizations like E-Nable for example

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Thanks @boydconnor for the comment! E-Nable is a wonderful site, i was thinking more along the lines of making a more wide line of different medical parts. Not just hands and arms. I would love to have some of the coolest and futuristic medical devices out there that people love and can show off.