From what I read, Marvin is supposed to print without support, but when looking at æayers in the Craftware slicer, it is clear that the lowest area between legs are not touching anything on the same level. So I get something hanging down, which is expected behaviour without supprt as I see it ?

Images below. This is a GeeeTech MeCreator 2, preassembled printer UM2 style. Added a 2mm disc under Mk8 extruder as it did not push hard enough, and I had consistent under extrusion.

Quality is fine. Nice round reflections. Only 2 issues as I see it is between the legs, and the 5s layer time melting top of attachment ring. But could be fixed by having code move bed away in the waiting time.

Any critical eyes to point out any other flaws are welcome.Ignore the bottom layer, has issues making it stick, so a bit uneven glue layer was applied + a brim. Testing cheap laminate pouches.

Printed 0.1mm layer height
25mm/s, 150mm/s move.
0.4mm factory nozzle
Nozzle 212C, Bed 55C
2mm retraction.
eSun Black PLA from HobbyKing EU.
m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg m4.jpg

Too hot for one. The areas you mention are part of the test of Marvin. Print as cool as you can. Probably slow it down also. If you have it make sure the part cooling fan is on. If not set up something to help cool it.

Print 2-4 at a time will help

If you look closely at the model, the lowest part of the body is clear of the legs on both side. So it would have to be drawn in the air, unless the slicer detects that it can’t print mid-air and removes it, in which case part of the mode would be missing

The nonattached bottom of the body is, as my slicer clearly shows, drawn in mid air. I see 2 ways to get it to stick. Support, or stringing. Or increase layer thickness so that it will be drawn at the same layer as lowest part of body. Or adjust first layer height if that could cause some of the next layer to be calculated to be printed with the hanging part. It is just one loop.

Where do I have a problem with too hot apart from the loop ? What to look for ?
The loop is squashed because of the 5s layer time, and the printhead resting more or less in the PLA. That would be solved if I move the Z-axis for the waiting period. Craftware can do that, so I have no worries here.

Looks like I might have a very slight issue at the bottom of the ears.

My goal is to find the best settings to use on a complicated job like this. Not print 4 to work around the cooling.

Printed at double speed and 0.2mm layers, and the model is much rougher of course, but it is the same 3 issues I can spot. The 5s pause at loop. The center lower body first loop, and a slight imperfection at the first layer of the ears. So increasing speed and layer thickness did not change much. The 0.2mm is more blank.

The issue between his legs is heat. The filament is being stretched across the opening but can’t support its own weight because it isn’t cooling fast enough and droops.

The same for the loop. The overall look seems a bit hot and maybe a little over extrusion.

The reason on Marvin you print more than one is to aid in cooling if the printer and slicer can’t achieve it. It isn’t uncommon and it is a method to help in any print with small or difficult areas. Printing to fast also can contribute to heat issues as the layer doesn’t have time to cool.

Here is a screenshot showing the layer where bottom of body is drawn. It is clear that Craftware will draw the bottom right in the air, not connected to the sides. Not sure if it would be more correct for the slicer to eliminate this flying island ?

Yea, that doesn’t make sense. I’ll look at it later and see how it looks in my slicers.

I loaded Marvin into S3D and looked at those layers. I get one layer of a small circle that is “airborne” but the next layer is connected. I never noticed the first layer there was not attached since I never really had a problem with it.

I’ll have to print one and see what happens.