Hello everybody! First of all I want to apologize for my poor english but I’m an italian guys and I’m not very good to talk about this problems in a foreign language. So, I have to print the Marvin to verify my hub but I don’t know what is wrong with him. I’m using a Kentstrapper Zero, printing in grey TitanX using 250° as print temperature and 100° for the hot bed. Now, the adhesion is perfect and the printing process it’s ok until it arrives on the top because it can’t print the final part as you can see in the photo. I add an image to show I set the slicer. What can I do?

Thanks for the attention, let me know!

Hello Stefano, That is strange, indeed. Wirh those temperatures, I hope you are printing with ABS :).

A suggestion: try printing with supports and see what happens. If the loop forms correctly, you may have a clue about what setting is out of whack.

I’ll try using this settings, hope everything works good!

I printed it using 50% fill value, isn’t it enough?

Verify that the temps are ok for the material. Heat is Marvin’s enemy.

Try print 4 at a time. This can help with heat. Also you can slow the printing speed way down.

That should be more than enough.

I second the idea to slow the printing down. When I printed my Marvin I ended up printing it at 15mm / second.

Also, too high a resolution can cause poor overhangs, such as the eyebrows. Suggest .2mm layer size.

Yes, good suggestion and I forgot it!

Get a .2 layer Marvin good first. From there you can change.

Hi Stefano,

First of all, I would definitely check your temperature settings. 250 degrees is SUPER hot for PLA, so I would recommend using ABS (If you aren’t already). If you are using PLA, I would lower your temperatures in 10-15 degree increments, until the top half of the Marvin starts to work. I would also recommend upping cooling and or slowing down your print speed (as mentioned earlier). Finally, I would recommend only printing the top half of the Marvin, instead of wasting time and material on the body. Good luck!!