Hi all. I’m trying to verify my printer, I thought it was going to be easy as my other prints are quite good. But Marvin is giving me some headache. It came unglued from the heatbed with the consequent mess. I think it is an excess temperature problem, but I’d like your more experienced opinions. Please see attached images.

  • Original Prusa MK2S
  • Silver PLA from Prusa
  • Extruder: 215º first layer, then 210º
  • Heatbed: 55º continuously
  • 0.050 mm resolution.
  • 25% infill
  • Fan always on.

Thanks to you all.

I would give the bed a good cleaning with alcohol first. I run mine at 65 for the first layer then drop to 60 especially in a cooler environment. Extrusion temps seem fine.

Start with .2 resolution to get your settings going. No need to do .05.

Thanks wirlybird. Yes, I thoroughly clean the bed each time before printing. I’ve run the print again and it failed exactly at the same layer. Seem to me that the excess heat curves a bit the printed part and then the nozzle catches it. I’m trying right now printing two Marvins at a time with a good separation between them.

0.05 is what the system ask me for the validation test.

The system asks for the best you can provide because you say you can and they want to see it. 50 microns might be a to small layer height. You can remove the 50 micron option and ask for a new print at 100 microns.

Ah Ok, nice to know. Maybe it is incompatible a 50 micron layer with a 0.4 nozzle? Too much material for the resolution? I’ll try again, if it fails once more I’ll request a lower resolution.

Thanks for your help.

If you have problems with the Marvin coming off the bed, try using a Raft, otherwise the usual blue tape or the laser printer transparency will do. Depending on the brand of PLA, the temp ranges can be huge. I run Inland material down to 200 deg C, Makerbot material I go to 210 to 220. As the other posters stated, 0.05 is very fine but takes too long. 0.2mm will should give you a good result.

Finally 100 micron was successful, what do you think?

I’ll try 50 micron again with some brim and a lighter and easier infill pattern.

I did it !! Marvin 50 micron. What did I change to succeed? Basically three items:

  1. Infill set to 10% rectilinear. This way there is much less material, so less heat inside.
  2. A small 2mm brim helps to keep Marvin glued to the heatbed.
  3. Disable Z hop when retracting filament, this helps to avoid some hairy finishes.