Hi, can someone give me advice how to get Marvin printed right?

For 0.3mm layers a have standard printing results but can not get solution for Marvins eyebrows.

Overhangs are problem.

I print on PRUSA I3, PLA material, 0.3mm layer height and 0.4mm nozzle. Printing fan is on, controled with slic3r. Temperatures are 225/220 C extruder and 65/60 heated bed.

Different than usuall i have started my 3D print adventure with ABS, and for PRUSA I3 i get nice clean parts, which i sell.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Try printing him with a raft on blue painters tape with no heated bed and at .2 mm layer height

Aha…thanks, i will try that.

Your temp is too high. You want the PLA to not droop before it cools, so keep the molten temp slightly above the hardened temp. I print PLA at 180 with the fan on. I’m using a .4mm nozzle as well with a resolution of .05 and it works like a charm.