Awesome Marvin keychain was printed in stainless steel through our hub. We welcome anyone who needs to print in stainless steel and maraging steel.


Nice print @3DinShelby! What printer are you printing on?

So awesome @3DinShelby! Have you seen this @jakkse?

How is the printing process with stainless steel like? Is it very finicky or pretty much straightforward?

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Looks great! Mind if I ask what filament you used and where you purchased it from? I have had customers ask for stainless steel and am looking to start using it. Anything you have learned from using it or tips you have would be great too! Thanks!

Hi! Zach, Thank you for your comment. It is not from filament. It is made from metal powder, purchased from local equipment distributor. The powder thickness for each layer is 20um. So, our experience might not suit your machine. Nice to meet you here.

Hi! Nikki, it is printed by EOS280. Nice to meet you here.

Hi! Gabriela, it is pretty straightforward as long as you have the right parameters. It is right after 3D printing, without any sandblasting and post finishing.

Ah gotcha, yea wouldn’t work with my machine. Beautiful print! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Marvin, how do i meet you? i am interested to print 3d metal. But i do not know how to draw. What software usually needed? Should i ask someone to draw first? or you can draw for me? thanks.