I’m a newbie here in the HUBS, and I’m printing the famous marvin keychain, I have tried many times, but never with successful results…Here are my photos

At the very beigining, I tried with no support, but it never happened to me, all failed

My printer is a Deltabot Dforce, with extruder of 0.3mm, slice software is CURA

PLA: 0.05mm, temp. 200C, walls 0.9~1.5mm, print speed 20~45mm/s, travel speed 180~210 mm/s, fill 15~20%, fan ON, no support, etc…

The results were too bad…

Then I thought without the support I could never finish it, so I added the support and changed the layer to 0.1mm, print speed 25mm/s

This is what I got at the end, I’m still not satisfied with the detail, but I think layer 0.1mm seems OK, and I wonder how you guys finish this test printing? For me it is really strange, I have spent two much time to print such a tiny thing!

Do you think this will pass the test??

Thanks for a feedback



I have wrote “extruder 0.3mm” but what I intend to say is “nozzle 0.3mm”, sorry for the word…;-p

Did you try printing multiple Marvins separated by some traveling distance?

No, I didn’t try that…The slicing results for 1 single Marvin were from 1 hour 40 minutes to 3 hours 20 minutes, so I didn’t think about it in that way, but I should try tomorrow, the models will have more time to be cooled, this may help, thanks for your idea :wink:

The print does really seem to take unnecessarily too long. Try increasing the printing speed to at least 90 as well. And you could want to try printing a good one in 0.2 resolution first and then starting to reduce the resolution to figure out the machine!

Let me know how it all works out :wink:

Hi Arnoldas,

Yes, you are right, this morning I found out that 0.2mm is really better. I printed a single one using a speed of 20mm/s and the results are much better, you can check it in the photos below.

Thanks for your support :wink:


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Glad to see it worked out! Make sure to share more prints, once you get a hang of your printer. Cheers

Hi Gabriela,

I already uploaded some photos of my prints, welcome to check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: