Hi everybody,

I’m trying to successfully print Marvin at 100 microns, but I don’t understand if the test needs such a resolution or not…

In the order page, I see the color (red), material (PLA) and resolution (100micron). The first two settings, are the ones I selected for the test but not the resolution. Then inside the email confirming the order for Mr. Marvin Senior Robot, the first instruction is:

  1. Print the model standing upright, without support and in any layer height

I’m confused, may I print at 200 microns or only at 100 as declared on the order??



I think your answer is in your text above. any layer height. Others can confirm.

I recommend doing one at .2 and getting it great first then you can work on one at .1

You should print it at the height specified in the order request. This is simulating a customer order. Your quality, communication, speed and service is all being graded from this print. Printing at a lower resolution than customer request is a quick way to get an upset customer.