Anybody here has any experience with lost wax casting? I’m making Han Solo’s DL-44 and have created Mauser C-96 bodies in Solidworks, I was hoping to cast them in Aluminium as I can’t afford the MGC replicas, and lost wax is really the only way to go for me


I am currently in the process of doing this (using pink foam board instead of wax) you’ll need a forge, and a sand box first of all, or friends with those

Edit // By “this” I mean casting in aluminum


If you plan to use your 3d printed body as the pattern, the issue is the finish on your pattern. It looks like crap once cast even at 0.1mm.

Check this out:

Do you want to do the casting by yourself? because maybe the whole thing it is more expensive.

Hey Phil, I actually do lost wax investment casting for a living. I’d be happy to help you out.

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Hello, see my hub. Alexanders hub in Papendrecht the Netherlands. I do cast aluminium parts from pla 3d printed parts. If you want more specific information do ask.

You could do PLA Lost casting, if the printing in wax cost to much.

I have 16 pounds of aluminum, a 3d printed flamethrower, a furnace, a crucible, flux, and lots of practice. Parts have come out beautifully and some shown on my hub.

Lenrose is a contract casting company based in the Melbourne CBD Australia, we specialize in precious metal casting including all carats of gold, platinum, sterling silver & Bronze.

We cast everyday of the week, Monday to Friday & we offer this complete service in house.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and our customers are secure in the knowledge that their designs remain exclusively their property forever.

Lenrose has operated on this principle for over 35 years.

Every job, large or small is of critical importance to us and by having the entire process in house, the onus is ours to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the past decade with the advent of 3D printing, initially with 3D wax printers and now as technology surges forward resin printers, Lenrose have become industry leaders in turning these 3D prints into metal.

Having said that not all resins are castable, we utilize the lost wax procedure and this means that the resin needs to “burn” cleanly in order to achieve a perfect result.

We do have our own wax and resin printers and over the past 5 years have extensive experience in casting our resin and many other resin materials on the market today.

As well as one-off casting from your prints we are also a production house. What does this mean ? This means that should you want to produce many multiples from your one-off print we also make

“ rubber or silicone “ moulds from which we can produce one to hundreds or thousands of parts, either as a “raw cast “ or a fully finished product.

If you would like to explore the possibility of turning your 3D prints into metal, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Hi Gorman, I have a coin project and would like to ask you about it… The project would involve lost wax, please contact me… Which country are you located in…?? I am in the USA


Hey Coinman, I can sure help. I’m the the U.S. also, over here in Northeast Ohio.

Gorman… I would like to speak with you privatly about a project that I have… Does this forum have a way to private message…??

I actually can’t even find where I can message you privately. Regardless, go ahead and shoot an email over to me at and we can speak that way.