Hi there! Im looking for someone to 3d model me soldier 76’s mask from overwatch but with a removable faceplate. Im an amateur 3d modeler and do not have the skills to do this as of yet. Im going to attach some photos below for reference.

Do you have pictures I’ve been modeling as a hobby for almost 20 years

Hey @zipperboy, if you go to our Start a 3D Print page, you can enter your location and under the ‘More filters’ tab, select ‘Can help with 3D Modeling’. This will then show you hubs in your area that can help in creating models for you. Choose a hub that looks good to you and you can begin discussing your project!

I assume you’re in the New York area so I’ve gone ahead and done the search for you here. Happy printing!

I know that there are a few files of this available on various 3D repositories. Might save you a chunk of cash paying for a 3D modeller.