We are looking to add a DMP/SLA 3D printer to our list of machines. We have 2x Ultimaker 2s and 1x Ultimaker Extended that we use for fixtures but we are looking to add a high resolution printer for prototypes. We are a machine shop that manufactures medical implants and most of our parts are very small and require very high detail. I have received a few samples from different companies and narrowed the list of printers down to these four.

EnvisionTec Perfactory Micro EDU

Autodesk Ember

Kudo3D Titan 1

Formlabs Form 1+ (or 2)

I’m looking for some feedback from users who have these printers. My main concerns are part quality, reliability and maintenance. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!




Hello Scott
My company iFusionShop.com, we hold on form1 + printers to serve high-quality print, my email is ventas@ifusionshop.com

Hi Scott,

I own a Form 1+ the first 3 month were great but then it began to bug. No its at Formlabs for repair.

First the positiv aspects of this printer. The software (preform) which for arranging your model is simple and straight forward.

Also the information you get from formlabs website is really good edited and anyone who is a bit into tech may understand the instruction. If you have some trouble and you do not know what to do you just send a mail to the support and they answer within a few hours (I’m from Austria, I think within US its quicker).

What I dislike is that the cleanup of the prints is just a mess. I’m always careful but it’s just a mess each print.

Also anying is that the machine is susceptible against dust. Just a bit of dust on the mirrors and you get fail prints.

But overal I can recommend the form1+. I’m glad to have one.

Maybe you should get some more info about the form2 there should be some optimization.

regards Daniel

Hi Scott,

If you get a Formlabs printer, be sure to get the $500/year “Pro” service plan. I have been very frustrated with their customer support without it.

I use the formlabs printers, but haven’t used any of the others you mentioned. I’m also not the guy who does the maintenance, but I can tell you I’ve never seen our form go down. Are you hiring for 3d modeling?


I own a Form1+ for six months and I think the machine is quite OK. What I cherish the most is the print quality which is absolutely no match to any FDM. You should not worry for the print quality. However there are some isues with print fails, dust and resin on mirrors, etc. Luckyly the majority of this downsizes can be minimized with a careful handling, and overall following the Formalabs instructions and other users advices.

For now I also have no hard feelings about Formlabs support. They send me a new mirror for free though it was quite obvious I ruined it with resin spill and then rubbing it.

Anyway, go for Form 2 which has some huge improvements like bigger build platform, resin cartriges, online conectivity and control, protective glas ( no more dust and resin on the mirror), horizontal peeling, etc to name only the most important.

I would buy Form again if being in the same situation, but I personaly dont know other printers from your list.



I recommend the ProJet® 1200 | 3D Systems, … this is a well-designed printer.

Otherwise , I use the formlabs , very accurate, but there is often printing failure. Must be very careful to the print tray , resin, orientation of the pieces , … etc .

I do not think it is use for large quantities.

There 's the Formlab 2: new model , good evolution to delete print failure


Hi - we have an Autodesk Ember - the print area is small but the resolution you can achieve is amazing, down to 0.01mm layers, it also has the advantage that you can use any resins so for example we often use Formlabs resins as well as the Autodesk ones. It is more expensive than the Form though but if you need high resolution it probably performs better.

Does anyone have any feedback about the Ember? It’s hard to find. Thanks.

Hi Scott, i do have an Ember, you can see my works here: www.myminifactory.com/it/users/hattorifranzo or here on 3dhubs, 3dhubs.com/laquila/hubs/francesco ( i’m still adding some pictures of the Ember prints though)

It’s a solid machine, perfect for prototyping small parts. I’m printing with it since november 2015, had just one problem quickly solved by the customer service. Can’t complain at all !

Anyone out there have a Titan 1? Its specs look impressive.