Hello, I own 2 3d printers currently the prusa and the kossel mini and I am tired of those printers not working. They do not give me the quality prints that I desire. I am in the market for a new 3d printer in the price range of about $500-$1000. I was wondering if anyone knows of a printer that does not require that much tinkering, I am very good with 3d printers and tinkering but I am not getting a 3d printer to tinker with it for hours. Now I am willing to, but I do not prefer to tinker with it, I want a semi plug in play device that has a decently sized print space of maybe 8 inches or more and I would prefer to buy it through amazon as I have had bad experience with 3rd party websites. Now I am going to be printing semi small detailed prints a bout 3 inches in height and maybe 1.5 or 2 in width, so I am looking for one with active cooling so that the print does not have terrible mistakes.

Thanks for any help, Paul