I’m doing a project making a 3D map of Middle Earth(Lord of the Rings) in wood and epoxy. I’ve got most of it built, but I’m looking for a way to make very tiny mountain ranges. They don’t have to be specific mountains as it’s a fantasy world obviously. They would need to be about 1/2" tall, and they will be completely encased in epoxy resin, so they don’t need to be strong even. I’m just not a 3D modeler, or printer. I’m willing to pay of course, but all the online 3d printing sites I’ve found require me to already have the files, and I need help on that as well. I can provide you with all the measurement details. Email me if you are capable and interested in this project. I’ve attached a picture of the map I’m modeling it off of to give you some idea. I would need models to fit all of the mountain ranges on there.Thanks.

Email is Dga8705@gmail.com

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