Hey everyone!

I’ve got great news!

3D Hubs is having a live stream session straight from our 3D Printing Lab in Amsterdam HQ!

If you’re curious about what we do or if you have accumulated 3D Printing questions, come meet us at 4pm tomorrow !

I, @victorp, 3D Printing expert, together with @telma from the Community Team, will be showing you our amazing fun Lab and we’re excited to meet you!

For tomorrow’s Periscope, I can give you a sneak peek of what we’ll talk about Scanning and also a nice teaser on the Stormtrooper Helmet I’ve been working on for the last weeks :wink:

What: 3D Hubs Lab Live Periscope

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday 16th at 4pm

Where: Live stream, get the Pericope link on our 3D Hubs Twitter or just on our Periscope at 4pm! You can sit in your sofa at home!

Why: Because we’d love to meet you and share our knowledge !

Next periscope will be Thursday, 7th January at 4pm but don’t worry guys, we will remind you closer to the date :slight_smile:

From January on, we’ll be live every Thursday from 4pm-5pm! Start preparing your questions :wink:

For now, find the link for the Periscope on our 3D Hubs Twitter page tomorrow at 4PM, we’ll be sharing there!

Hope you can join!


Victor & Telma


great :slight_smile:

Can’t wait :slight_smile: