This maybe happens only Xeed which I have. A printing finish estimate time which simply 3D shows and Xeed shows is totally off. Not even close. Sometimes S3D shows 10 hours but actual printing take 15 hours or such. Usually Xeed takes long than what S3D shows, but it could be sometimes shorter. Also at the, beginning Xeed shows “calculating” at the screen of remaining time for about one hour or more. So I really don’t know how long it will take to print until I start printing.

It doesn’t mutter how long it will take to finish but I want to know how long approximately printing takes so I can plan better for which one I print for the day or night.

I have used other companies printers but this problem never happened.

Maybe because I don’t not connected my printer to a computer or Network? Just using usb to load up data.

Dose any Leapfrog user experience same issue?

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I have same problem with my HS.LP support just ignore issues telling my I’m wrong so I just give up.

This is why I can’t do long prints.I think it is similar to VW/Audi flames scandal.

Our set up in S3D is showing 100 mm/s but in firmware there is 80mm/s and only on long prints you can noticed

Not happy with this expensive printer as got more major issues which I don’t like and wasn’t mention when I bought it

This difference in estimated time vs actual time is inherent to 3D printing and gcode.

When slicing a model with specific speeds in a profile, a gcode is generated with speed parameters, ie G1 X1 Y2 E3 F3600 tuned to those speeds. The F parameter, is speed in mm/min and can be seen as a “print speed wish”, in a sense that it will instruct the machine to execute at that speed. The firmware of the machine reads this speed indication, but has it’s own limitations in acceleration and in maximal speed(amongst other limitations). As where a gcode could instruct the machine to go F6000, a machine itself could limit the speed by a big margin because it just can not accelerate that fast or it’s max speed is limited.

A slicing software like Simplify3D estimates it’s print time based on the speed setting, but if a printer can’t execute it at that speed it will take longer. Simplify3D also does not take into account any accelerations or decelerations settings of the printer, which are different for each type of printer, hence even more difference in estimated time. The Xeed has quite low acceleration because of it’s sturdy head design, which will result in that it will not hit the indicated speed by the gcode, especially in smaller prints.

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