Hi, I’m Ruud from the Netherlands, and I want to do the following…

I want to attach a laser module to my 3D printer to engrave and/or cut materials.

Therefore I will send a 1 layer drawing to the printer, and on the places where normally the filament will be printed, now the laser has to turn on.

The problem is that I don’t know how to extract a signal from the printer mother board or directly from the stepper motor that feeds the filament to the extruder to know when the laser has to turn on. That signal I need to switch the laser on.

Is there anybody on this forum who can help me out?

Hello, a fellow Dutchmen here. Sadly not a expert on this, but I would be interested in your results and proces.

Hi Robbie,

I’m still waiting for my lases module…

But the plan on this moment is to make an TTL logical system with OR ports on all of the 4 wires to the stepper motor that feeds the extruder.

Because of when printing the motor never drives anti clock wise, thus when there are signals on the motor in any way, the laser can turn on.

The laser I purchased is a blue one with 2W of power. Paper cutting and engraving on plu wood is no problem I think, but my final goal is to cut foamboard or polycarbonate to make the instrument panels of my home build airplane cockpit…

When there is progress or results, I will post it here.