hi i am looking to print 252.8x212mm size prop guard for a university project, if there is some one who has a printer that can handle it, please contact me

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Is it possible to print in smaller parts to be assembled after print? You will have much more luck finding someone to print it for you that way.

Do you have a file I could look at? I would love to offer some consultation on it.

I should have been more clear, sorry about the confusion. if possible i would like to deal with some one who is in the montreal area.

We got 300mm * 300 mm * 300mm You can write US to info@amaz3d.ca or directly through my hub!

If you can shrink it a bit or split in 2 parts . I can do 600 x 190 x 200

Btw, we are from mtl!

No problem to print any ABS part at max. size 254 x 254 x 304mm (10’’ x 10’’ x 12’’) using only high level 3D printers like Stratasys Dimension SST1200es, Stratasys Fortus 250mc, and also a CNC service for large format 5’ x 10’ cutting up to 1’’ on plastic, wood, aluminum. Just send an email at bhotte@mecalexo.com

You can split the part in smaller ones and glue them after printing.
I have a Rostock Max Delta. Printing area is not exactly round - got 3 posts in the way.

It might fit. Send me the STL.

A Leapfrog can handle 280mm/280 mm

I am specialised in big print that I assemble after. Here is some picture of one of my last project, you can see the part separated and the final look.

If you are interested, send me your file.

I could print it on my printer. Except I’m out of service until Jan 8. I can only start printing it then.

Je suis en mesure de realiser ton print sans problem, j’ai plusieurs imprimante de 300x300 de disponible.




Our FDM 3D printer can meet your requirements, you can reply me in this thread or contact me directly on my email ID:sales09@sunlugw.com

If there are parameter you want to know, pls reply me soon,thank you!



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From Montreal and I do have a few printers that can print the requested size.

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