Kylo Ren modeling tutorial using Autodesk Maya.
I’ve prepared it for 3D printing using Makeprintable which prepares an Obj or Stl file for 3D printing. It ensured that my first print was successful. I’ve printed on a flash forge FDM printer and then colored in the mask using a marker


Now that’s using the force, looks awesome! Congrats!

Impressive work, really!

Have a look at this @ferkan @victorp

Awesome work ! Thanks for sharing

Can you upload pictures of the print? I’m interested to see how it looks colored with a marker.


Would love to see this printed on an SLA printer as well. :smiley:

Take a look, I added another picture

Great Job! looks really amazing. The printed result looks incredible.

Hay there I downloaded the full body model, I used Simplify3D to slice and I am having some problems with it there is some gaps not filling in using the slicer I have can you send me a link to try it again?


Jay P


Here you go

Thanks a lot.