I am Sébastien. I would like to introduce to the 3DHubs community Smoothie-3D.com which is a free, 100% online software to easily create 3D models and to get them 3D-printed. This innovative concept is extremely easy to use: just draw an outline from a background image to make a 3D textured model! It’s the most intuitive approach to sketch out the shapes and this is free and totally online!

Smoothie-3D is able to export 3D models to 3DHubs as shown here:



Here is a summary of the main features you will find into Smoothie-3D.com:

  • possible use of an image as background for designing and texturing
  • importing 3D models from STL or OBJ files
  • exporting to STL, OBJ, VRML
  • symmetry management
  • modeling from strokes
  • smooth shape design, extrusion, revolution, text and classic primitives
  • subtracting of shapes
  • subdivision and smoothing
  • Bezier curves
  • and many more…

Web site and more videos available here: http://www.smoothie-3d.com



Looks like a fun little tool!


Gotta love this tool! You used this @ @Krumbacher

Wow looks pretty good!

Wow, Looks great !!

Going to try it very soon.

Is it possible to use this tool for educational purposes? I am programing some activities 3D related for my students and it could be so much fun!

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yes! of course!

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Awesome! There goes my free night… :wink:

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