Hello all,

I am attempting to print bench on a Original Prusa i3 MK2 using Prusa PLA and stock Prusa PLA settings since I am printing with Prusa Silver PLA. The print turns out alright with the exception of portions of the model that stick out slightly from the main surface. For example, the image below shows the holes at the bow of the boat with indentations on one side of the model. I cannot figure out why this is the case.

I have tried printing at slower speeds with no improvement. Not shown, however, is the back which has similar issues around the nameplate.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

That is odd. I just did a Benchy in a silver and it did ok. Which layer height profile did you use and did you use the Z-hop one?

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I found out what the issue was off thread. Turns out if you switch seam to random, it solves the issue. Thanks for your response.