im thinking about buying this printer but I’m a jeweler and need to able to cast gold , silver or platinum.


Hi Dave,

i use a Projet, which uses uv-cured resins, that can print a castable resin called visijet FTX. It’s about as expensive per kilo as your typical extrusion-based 3D printer filaments. I found a lot of people use it to do lost-wax style casting etc. The resin is proprietary for the Projet and the Projet itself is quite expensive. It can only really print small objects and it takes a very long time, but the resolution is about as good as it gets for 3D printing.

However, I know of some people experimenting using simple pla filament from Makerbots to print objects, then sand them to a finer surface finish and use that as a lost-wax substitute. I cannot confirm how successful the this method is.

Hopefully that helps



I use a Formlabs Form 1+ printer with Castable resin to do lost wax casting and it works great! I have seen many testimonials from other jewelers using the Form 1+ and Form 2 for jewelry making. I highly recommend giving them a look at

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Projet 1200 is a right chioce for your requirement

I am a jeweller and use the Form 2 with this resin: They send free samples so you can check out the quality for yourself.


For this kind of work, you can buy a Form2 with them castable resin.

Great spec with an 140µm/25µm (x/y - z axes) résolution.

You can ask for a free sample directly at

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I use the B9 Creator V1.1, 50µm/25µm (x/y - z axes). I am using red resin (the cheapest) and it works great. Casting relyes more on the “air flow” you have to provide to your klin (in case you have an electric klin), therefore some people have added air vents to their klins… In case you have an older oven like those using LP Gas you won’t have any troubles.

Most printers have already a casting resin, you have to look at their support forums so you can see what other people are saying about resins, casting issues, etc.

B9 Creator has developed some many other resins as well based on their new versions of printers and also with how fast or accurate you want to print. I do not know other printers but they seem to use laser beams, it seems they do not have any trouble with that. I prefer digital light projection technology which is more accurate on their XY definition. Hope this helps.


I am not a jeweler and not used the castable resin myself, but I do use the Form 2 ( extensively and recommend it highly. I am active in the community forum and have seen only good things from jewelers.

Hello Dave,

My name is Sean and I work for Red Door Distributions/B9Creator. As jewelers, we recommend getting different models from the printers you are considering and trying to cast them. By doing this you will quickly eliminate most printers on the market. Our jewelry company has been using the B9Creator for the last three years and has been voted best custom design in San Diego for the last 2 years, so the results speak for themselves. We can provide you with samples if you like. Please email me at and I will be happy to help you.

Thank you everyone for your responses I want high resolution prints. I think the form 2 looks awesome. hopefully it’s as good as I hear.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for your post and allowing all of us to chime in. Just as a reminder the Form2 has a laser that is 140 microns wide. Designs that have micro pave or intricate detail are not possible with using anything more than 30 microns. Thanks again!

Check out

We use this printer to print castable part.

I use the Solus 3d printer. The only printer of this price range that can print at 25 micron XY and down to 20 micron slice thickness. Even lower with other non-castable resins. You won’t find another that gives you this print quality, resolution and flexibility. Most resins work on this machine, including the b9 castable resin.

check it out and you request a free print sample