I have wanted to buy a 3D printer for awhile now and I really like the Monoprice mini for it’s great reviews and cheap price tag, but I am concerned about it’s print volume. For those of you who own the MP mini, is the print volume an issue, or can you print most things that you want?

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What are you planning on using the printer for? If your doing small pieces like prototype gears, little statues, keychains, small toys, etc than this is a good deal. If your looking to larger size masks, very tall objects etc, you may want to look at the larger monoprice. But for small, this is a solid solid reliable and easy to use printer with a super friendly and knowledgeable userbase on Reddit and Instagram.

Hope this helps!

This is going to depend on what you’re trying to print. The mini is perfect for me because I love to print out my ‘artistic’ creations I make in zbrush so scale isn’t really a big deal. But, if you’re trying to print out 1:1 scale cosplay pieces you’re either going to be frustrated by every model you find online or you’ll spend hours cutting someone else’s model into smaller pieces. Other than that the monoprice mini is a fantastic printer

There were a few times I wish it was at 200mm but really most things I print fit into 120mm area. MP Mini prints very well out of box and lets you not worry about adjusting components (even though you should open up its side panels and set up some ventilation for its internals and make sure you are up to date on your firmware). If you are a tinkerer you may want a Prusa i3 kit for around the same price and put it together yourself, but you will be much further away from producing an acceptable print once you receive it.

For most things the print size has been fine

The way I always describe the print volume of the Mini is you can print things about as big as a large coffee mug. I’ve only encountered a few models I couldn’t print, but I mostly print my own designs, but like other have said all depends on what your goal is. I’m currently printing these

which are a good size at 110mm X 90mm they are printed in parts so I can mix colour but they could be printed as a whole piece on the mini.

The total volume is limited, but so far (about four months) it has not been an issue for me. Conversely, the quality of printing is excellent, and the user community extremely supportive.

I have been using a Monoprice Mini for several months now and I am very satisfied with the quality. I have not run into an issue with the print volume. You can always divide a part and glue it after printing. I have found that the design of the part is one of the most critical aspects of using this printer or probably any printer. Design according to the capabilities of the printer.

I’ve been able to print about 90% of the things I’ve wanted. I’m currently printing a wind generator that will be about 23" in diameter by printing one piece at a time. I am looking to upgrade to a larger print area though. But I’m very happy with my mini. I would recommend you buy either 1 replacement hot end, or an extra thermistor and nozzle and PTFE tubing that goes in the heat break. But I just bought a hot end for 9bucks and ended up parting it out, I was soo glad I didn’t have to wait and I had replacement parts on hand.

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