We’re really proud to announce a new collaboration with our friends at Fairphone, who just released the much awaited Fairphone 2!


This time, we’re printing 2 different products, a night stand and an amplifier. Designed by professional industrial designer Alan Nguyen, they’re both customized for the Fairphone 2 and will be printed in @ColorFabb woodFill only.

We’re currently piloting with a selected group of Hubs and depending on the first results we’ll be scaling up. Until then, help us spread the word on this awesome collab :wink:

More details on this here.

We hope you like it!


Beautiful and Brilliant. What design is supposed to be. Kudo’s to all

Walt Supplies3d.com

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Thanks to the fairphone team and 3dhubs for these very nice wooden accessories. I’m proud to be one of the selected hub that will produce these products. I can tell you already that they look and feel very great. The bonus is that they are produced locally and on demand which is much more sustainable than the traditional manufacturing methods. Fairphone owners will love it!

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These look great! anyone in australia that would like a free print feel free to send my hub a message!

Nico ,

Please contact me, I might like to engrave the audio enhancemant device and use it as a promotional device. Thanks!

They look amazing! How do you become a printing partner in this project?

Great items and even better with WoodFill!

Might get myself one of those speakers (even though I don’t have a Fairphone) :smiley:

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The 3dhubs team contacted me directly.

I can’t tell if they need more hubs right now.

You should ask 3dhubs if you can do that. I only can print the original design right now.

I would get a Fairphone 2 only for these pieces. Truly splendid work here.

@gabriela3d could you send me a test print i would like to get a fairphone-badge on my hub ( https://www.3dhubs.com/service/74177 )