Hello , I would like to ask what would be a good start to have unique interior products made with 3d printing solutions. Has anyone tried getting them done, for example wall art, wall mirrors with unique frames and so on…pl share your thoughts, advise and solution. thanks.

Perhaps not on the decorative side, I make all of my shelving out of printed parts and easily soured materials. Also the big letters and things people tend hang around their homes we print. Using some of the specialty filaments and mixed materials you could make some interesting decor. The UV color change filament, glow filament and rainbow filament if you can source it all make for interesting displays.

I have done a few small project for myself, nothing fancy or super interior designer like but when I print the final models I use more of the exotics like stainless steel, carbon fiber, and woodfills. These three can be stained, polished, buffed and make nice looking final products. The only down side is the strength of these filaments because they are not 100% stainless steel, carbon fiber, or wood.

Here are some woodfill piece I finished in different ways not to long ago.


You might want to check 3DShook (http://www.3dshook.com/). They offer interior and other 3d printable products which are:

  • Tested
  • Fully functional
  • Useful
  • Professionally designed

Hi Mark

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Hello Mark

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